Customizable email integration for Salesforce

Increase your team’s capacity by 10% by automating data-entry!

Automatic Salesforce integration

Save each employee an average of 4 hours per week by entering the data into Salesforce fully automatically. Thrive for Email connects to the email account of sales reps and analyzes the customer conversations. It also automatically detects meetings and interprets the contact details from the email signature. All this data is saved to Salesforce automatically before your employee ever sees it.

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Measure and improve performance

Ever wondered what percentage of your sales rep's communication is internal? Or if some people are considerably more productive than others? With Thrive for Email you can get to answer to these and many other questions, without having to look through the emails yourself. Figure out what works best and make every sales rep a top performer.


Keep track of your opportunities

People like to work from their inbox, so why not let them? With Thrive for Email, your employees won't have to change a thing. In addition, our Inbox Assistant adds a few productivity features to the inbox, like action oriented folders to point out when an answer of follow up is due. Unlike other solutions, Thrive for Email also works great with email clients like Microsoft Outlook.

Fully customizable to your business

We understand that every company does business their own way. So even though Thrive for Email works fully automatically, every step of the process is customizable. You can for example choose what type of emails should be considered, how emails are saved in your CRM, or you can even add custom metrics to your report. Get the best out of your email, with Thrive for Email.

Focus on your customers,
while we do the boring work.

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