About Thrive

We are on a mission to transform the performance and productivity of sales teams globally; our current customers have estimated an average saving of 4 hours per week by each member of their team.

We aim to continuously develop our technology to monitor, automate and improve the sales process of our customers.

The Story of Thrive

Vincent Jong is the CEO and Founder of Thrive. His career in sales started over 10 years ago in the most traditional of ways, telesales. Vincent was selling B2B mainly in e-commerce and professional services where he was exposed to huge volumes of leads that required management, follow-ups, and re-engagement.

It wasn’t long till Vincent understood the secret to success in sales. He believes the secret is simple, and that is to solidify the fundamentals of sales; be numbers driven, friendly and relentless. Vincent discovered that no matter what is being sold, who it is being sold to or the size of the sale, the fundamentals remain the same and, once tailored to the customer or lead feedback, will positively affect the success of the process.

Sounds too simple right? Vincent described how he used this approach for his largest ever deal; for nine months, in intervals, he emailed the same lead with no response. He knew that there was a large deal to be made so he maintained the friendliness throughout and persisted in contacting the lead. Nine months later he received a reply, shortly after he closed a double-digit multi-million-dollar deal. The principles are simple and as long as you don’t hear a clear ‘no’ then there is no reason to stop persisting.

To be able to master the principles good operations are needed, Vincent believes this is often misconstrued with most salespeople being given the tools but never engaging with them or never fully operating from them. It is a known phenomenon that CRMs are rarely adopted by the whole team and when they are they are often not used properly or to their full capacity.

The current offering in the market focuses on front-end solutions to keep Salesforce up-to-date or to set follow-up reminders. Thrive, however, was developed for the back-end requiring no action for the user. Everything you need to keep your Salesforce updated and leads engaged happens autonomously and automatically.

Thrive, unlike others, was developed with sales managers in mind. Sales managers are required to boost their team’s productivity and sales success, something they can easily monitor from their Salesforce. However, due to lack of team-wide adoption, this is data is often fragmented or unreliable.

Thrive has overcome this major problem by developing a back-end solution. Once set up is completed, Thrive runs in the background automatically and autonomously so no extra configuration or editing is ever needed. Managers and reps can be certain that Thrive is running, updating and populating their Salesforce for better quality data and full-accountability of the team’s hard work.

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