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Do you use Salesforce as a CRM?
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Thrive syncs emails to Salesforce: it runs in the background in the cloud. This makes this solution independent of any software you are currently using for your emails. Smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac – It doesn’t matter which devices or software you use. Syncing emails to Salesforce has never been easier. In comparison to others, it is faster and the quality of the synced data is incredible. The sentence “If it’s not in Salesforce, then it didn’t happen” is getting a new meaning, sign up today.

Increase your sales by 15%

Automatically keep your CRM up-to-date

Never let a deal fall through the cracks again

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Have clearer visibility into their sales pipeline

“It’s important that if a customer wants something from us, that it’s not falling through the cracks.”

Lee Gladish


See increased results from their sales team

“Thrive makes us more productive and allows us to help our customers better and create more MRR for the company.”

Moritz Plassnig


Have more time available to focus on selling

“Thrive helps us store all communication in Salesforce. Thrive does it server-side, with no need for slow browser extensions, which sets it apart from the competition!”

Federico Menapace
Head of Partnerships

Thrive Automates

We Automate the synchronisation of emails for leads, support cases, customers etc. No manual work, no time wasted – Automated convenience for your entire team… starting today!

Unleash the power of your CRM

Thrive will automatically and autonomously update your CRM, it will make your data homogeneous, comparable and up-to-date. Helping you make better decisions with better quality data.

Save time

Thrive saves over 4 hours a week of repetitive data entry work and allows your team to focus on your customers and targets. This means that for every 8 employees on Thrive the time saved adds up to one new full-time member of staff.

Choose your solution

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Better data quality

Thrive synchronizes emails for leads, customers, support cases etc. It is highly customizable, for example, it allows you to work with custom objects and opportunities in Salesforce. This level of customization ensures a better quality of data. With the aid of Thrive you can be sure that all data is consistent, comparable and up-to-date. All of this allows you to make better decisions – for your company, for your employees, and for your future. At the same time, every team member gets the additional capacity to focus on better things: Time to focus on communicating and selling instead of typing endless data updates into the CRM.

By tweaking a few settings you can tell Thrive what should happen with emails, it is able to differentiate between emails from colleagues and emails from customers. Therefore in-house communication stays exactly where it is meant to be, In-house. Meanwhile, updates from customers, contacts and your calendar are automatically synced to the right Salesforce objects. It doesn’t matter where the updates are created: it works on any device, so you can stick to your habits when communicating.


Unleash the power of Salesforce!

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