How to Automatically Create Objects in Salesforce

Salesforce objects are any parts of information that sit within your account; these can be leads, contacts, events or even communications. Objects are the parts of your account that hold data about your customers, clients or even suppliers. Automating the creation of these vital pieces of information isn’t only great from a time-saving point of view but also even better to ensure your data is recorded, safe and homogenous.

Create objects automatically

The current process of creating objects relies on you processing information you’re fed through conversations, emails etc. and translating it into Salesforce. This process has been averaged to take up to a third of any sales person’s time, meaning if they are focused on inputting data… they are not selling!

The most common objects are emails, hundreds if not thousands of emails enter and leave inboxes every week so losing track of what has been discussed or shared is common. When it comes to sales it’s a known fact that a deal is more likely to be closed between the fifth and eighth interaction with a prospect. However, most sales people forget to follow up. A staggering 90% of salespeople miss out on the opportunity of closing a sale through lack of follow-up – making automation of object creation in Salesforce vital at this stage.

Filling your pipeline is important but filling said pipeline with information that will empower you to make smart and meaningful interaction with your prospects is even more important! Objects in Salesforce allow you to do just that, the information held in the lead’s profile is anything from emails, meetings, notes and even attachments to ensure you are fully equipped for your next steps.


Salesforce does offer the option of bcc’ing a personalised email address in emails for the information shared to be recorded within your Salesforce account. However, this is often forgotten or only done towards the start of a conversation meaning that whatever happens after that is not recorded.

Thrive is a great solution as it doesn’t require any user activity in order to create objects in Salesforce and record data. Thrive, unlike most, is a back end solution meaning that it works all the time, anywhere and from any device.

Automatically create custom objects in Salesforce

Many companies chose to have their salesforce accounts edited and customised to better suit their business needs which gives them a totally unique account with totally unique objects. Creating custom objects in Salesforce automatically is therefore trickier.

Thrive offers a solution that does just that! Once signed up, users get in touch with Thrive to link their custom objects to their email accounts. The backend process is totally managed and created by Thrive, users can then rest assured all their objects are being created and updated constantly; anytime, anywhere.

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