How to run a successful sales team

Being in charge of a sales team can be a difficult and frustrating task. Trying to find the perfect balance between encouraging outstanding performance and setting unrealistic sales goals can leave many people feeling confused as to how to get the most out of their team.

Successful salespeople tend to be good at problem-solving and results driven, they are optimistic, powerful and authoritative. Of course, you can’t force skill into an untalented sales rep, but you can change the way you manage your team to make sure you are being the best team leader you can be. If you are trying to make the most out of your team but are unsure where to start, read our top tips on how to run a successful sales team.


Set the bar high

You need to make sure that your sales goals are high, yet also achievable. When sales goals are high, your team will feel like there is something worth pursuing and they need to be encouraged to believe that anything is possible so that they can surpass their own expectations. Achieving 80% of a high sales goal is better than achieving 100% of a mediocre sales goal.


Online solutions

As salespeople can spend a lot of their time out of the office trying to confirm deals, it is useful to provide them with easy, remote access to timely and critical customer and sales information through a mobile CRM solution or app. Such tools as Salesforce for Office 365 would, therefore, allow them to be able to work with real time data and update a prospects information whenever they may feel that they need to. By providing them with much needed online solutions, you will be freeing up their precious time so that they can try and lock-in more sales and boost sales percentages under your management.


Avoid rulemaking

Successful salespeople need freedom in order to reach their highest potential. They need autonomy and will not work well if they are expected to just be compliant. If you are able to remove obstacles and set them up in an environment which encourages their freedom to produce results, then you will see that the results start rolling in. By telling salespeople what they are and aren’t allowed or able to do, you are inviting them to find ways to overcome your rules or prove you wrong.


Automate processes to boost success

If you do find that your sales reps are underperforming, you may find that a more stringent standardised sales process might be the perfect solution to helping them improve. A study found that 79% of employees feel that their employers should do more to automate processes. A useful way of helping your team automate their processes more is to see if there are any modern tools or pieces of software that will make their role easier such as thrive for email, where they will be able to sync their emails, contacts and events from email clients to salesforce and spend more time doing sales and less time doing administrative work. It’s also worth having a look at your highest performing sales reps and seeing what types of approach works best at each step of the sales process so that you can develop an optimal sales method for the people who need to use it to increase their sales. Whilst salespeople do need freedom, some people will also need an extra nudge and some extra guidance on how to be the best sales reps they can be, do all you can to give them what they need.


There is no one-size-fits-all-solution

The same as managing any type of team, you are going to have to adapt your managing style depending on the type of people working for you. You will be looking after a variety of different personalities, who will all respond better to different managing styles. Your role is that of a mentor and an enabler. You will, therefore, want to protect your team from internal politics and try to make it easy for them to focus on the job at hand. Try to figure out what motivates each member of your team individually and push those buttons to create better salespeople.

Managing a sales team requires patience, effort and constant re-evaluation, but so does sales. So if you find yourself in charge of a sales team and are looking to be the best sales boss with the best level of success, make the most of these top tips and push your sales team to flourish.

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