Salesforce for Exchange

Seamless Salesforce and Exchange integration

Thrive is a Salesforce solution for Microsoft Exchange which automates repetitive data entry tasks to increase productivity. Thrive has been built by sales people for sales managers, ensuring automated data logging to produce up-to-date data for reporting. It works to sales best practices, to make sure you never let a deal slip through the cracks again!

The perfect addition to your Salesforce which fully integrates with Microsoft Exchange that will sync all your data. Thrive works in the background, no need to install any software nor extensions. Simply sign up and Thrive will automatically and autonomously start synching all your emails, contacts and calendar data to Salesforce no matter which device you work on or where in the world you are working from.

Copying and pasting into Salesforce is now a thing of the past.

Sync Exchange emails to Salesforce

Thrive syncs all Exchange emails to your Salesforce, by leveraging AI technology it identifies contacts and matches the conversation to the correct objects in Salesforce. Through this tech, it is also able to exclude any conversations you’d like to keep un-synced such as internal comms with colleagues. Thrive is compatible with all Microsoft Exchange editions and will work anywhere. Once set up, it will also retrieve and sync all conversations from the previous 24 hours within the first hour of activation.

Sync Exchange contacts to Salesforce

How tedious is the never-ending copying and pasting into Salesforce? Copying contact’s names, email addresses and more into Salesforce is a task of the past once Thrive is activated. Our customers have reported an average 4-hour weekly saving in admin tasks. Thrive automates and increases productivity!

Sync Exchange calendar to Salesforce

Setting up a meeting is always a dull task; you will have to add the meeting to your calendar and then carry out the same in Salesforce to ensure it’s aligned. Thanks to our two-way calendar sync you’ll never have to repeat this monotonous task again, whether you prefer to schedule meetings in Salesforce or in your Exchange calendar Thrive will populate the other for you. Bye, bye copy and paste!

Unleash the power of Salesforce!

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