Salesforce for Gmail

Seamless Salesforce and Gmail integration

Thrive is a Salesforce extension for Gmail by automating monotonous admin tasks increases productivity. Thrive is designed by sales people for sales people, it therefore works to sales best practices and will autonomously and automatically notify you about leads that are due a follow up so you never let a sale slip through the cracks again!

How nice would it be to wave goodbye to all the copying and pasting into Salesforce?

It’s now possible! Thrive has been developed to be Gmail’s new best addition, syncing all your data autonomously and automatically. Thrive works constantly in the background to ensure all your Gmail emails, calendars and contacts are fully synced to your Salesforce. Weekly it will also work out how many hours of work you have saved based on the amount of data it has synced into Salesforce as well as ask for confirmation to add all the new leads you’ve been speaking too!

Sync emails to Salesforce

Thrive syncs all your emails from Gmail to Salesforce. Thrive works anywhere and on any device so no matter where you are working from the right emails will be synced to Salesforce, this is done by using simple machine learning techniques to recognise email data and matching it to Salesforce objects. Set up takes a few minutes and within the first hour, Thrive will have synced all emails from the last few weeks to your Salesforce.

Sync contacts to Salesforce

On average, sales people spend 25% of their time carrying out administrative chores. Thrive has increased productivity through eliminating an average of 4 hours per week of tedious tasks. It’s no surprise considering the number of email conversions that are happening every week. Thrive with its AI tech, will pinpoint identifying information from email chains such as name, address, company name etc. and automatically populate your Salesforce.

Sync calendar to Salesforce

Repeating the booking of a meeting in Salesforce and Gmail Calendar is a thing of the past. Thrive will automatically update Salesforce with your upcoming meetings, if you prefer to book meetings in Salesforce then Thrive will populate your Gmail for you! Simply schedule a meeting on either platform and let Thrive bring the other up to speed.

Unleash the power of Salesforce!

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