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Seamless Salesforce and Office integration

Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce have never gone so well together, Thrive is a Salesforce solution facilitating the experience and boosting the productivity of users globally. Thrive automatically updates Salesforce with emails, contacts and meetings eliminating hours of tedious admin work every week!

Thrive works will all Office editions to sync emails, calendars and contacts automatically!

Thrive works all the time and anywhere, no matter where you are working from or what device you are working from. It automatically populates your Salesforce so you don’t have to waste any time copying and pasting from your Office email to your Salesforce account.

Sync Office emails to Salesforce

Leveraging AI technology to identify data in your Office emails, Thrive, populates your Salesforce by creating new entry or matching new information to existing contacts. Thrive for email works with all editions of Office and is easily set up in a few minutes by logging into your email and then activating Salesforce. Once set up, Thrive will also scan emails from the last few weeks and import all that data for you in the first hour.

Sync Office contacts to Salesforce

On average sales people spend 25% of their time on admin tasks and not selling, Thrive’s customers have reported saving on average 4 hours per week. That’s 4 extra hours for selling and in turn have also reported higher productivity from sales teams. Copying and pasting data into Salesforce is a tedious task, Thrive will automatically add names, addresses, companies etc to your Salesforce so you can focus on what really matters.

Sync Office calendar to Salesforce

When booking a meeting into your Office Calendar you find yourself re-booking that same meeting, and re-entering all the same information into Salesforce to ensure both platforms are aligned. Thrive will do this for you, no matter where your meeting is booked Thrive will ensure the other platform is up-to-date for you. Thrive runs every hour syncing all your work to Salesforce in autonomously and automatically.

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