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We Automate

We automate synchronization of emails for leads, support cases, customers, etc. No manual work, no time wasted - Automated convenience for your entire team, starting today!

You focus on your customers

We save more than 15% of time spent per week by your CRM users. Allow your team to focus on your customers and targets. Save 15% or more of their time, that is currently being wasted until on administrative work, data synchronization and preparing data for reporting and controlling. You get the capacity of an additional team-member available for every 8 employees you have!

Unleash the power of your CRM

Implementing Salesforce has been a considerable investment, so it’s time to unleash the actual power of your CRM. With Thrive for Email, your data is: homogeneous, comparable and up-to-date. You can make better decisions, based on better data quality.

Why Thrive is more powerful than similar tools

Thrive for Email uses a set of customizable rules to automatically sync the right emails to Salesforce, before your employee ever sees them. It works on any device and employs artificial intelligence to get the best results for you. With Thrive, even the communication from an employee that leaves your company is secured, protecting you from a messy data cleanup or the damage of losing hidden information.

Unleash the power of your CRM

✓ Always have the latest status in Salesforce
✓ More than 15% extra capacity in your team
✓ A fully automated, customizable process
✓ Better data to make better decisions
✓ Capture emails from any device
✓ Keep working from your normal email client
✓ No implementation efforts
✓ Automatic synchronization every hour

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