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Thrive syncs emails to Salesforce: Thrive runs in the background on a server. This makes you independent of any software you are using for emails. Smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac – it doesn’t matter which device you prefer. Syncing emails to Salesforce has never been easier when using this tool. In comparison to other tools Thrive is faster and has a higher quality of synced data. The sentence “If it’s not in Salesforce, then it didn’t happen” is getting a new meaning by using this tool.

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Sync calendar to Salesforce

Thrive syncs your calendar to Salesforce automatically ensuring that all necessary data is available in Salesforce without any further assistance. Most salespeople prefer to work with their email calendar, it’s no surprise that data gets lost as they need to re-book the appointment in Salesforce once added to their email calendar which is a timely and tedious task. Unlike others, Thrive runs in the background with no need to install software or plugins, simply carry on as usual and rest assured that Thrive is working for you autonomously.

Sync Outlook calendar to Salesforce

Sync Gmail calendar to Salesforce

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Sync contacts to Salesforce

Thrive syncs contacts to Salesforce by analyzing your conversations to find the identifying fields to populate your CRM such as names, addresses, company names and more. Most salespeople will speak to tens if not hundreds of people every week, copying and pasting each field into salesforce is a monotonous and time-consuming task that is often forgotten. With Thrive this task has become a thing of the past as it acts as your digital and autonomous personal assistant. If a team member leaves the company you also have the added peace of mind that their contacts and leads are fully up-to-date in Salesforce to make sure you never miss a deal again.

Sync Outlook contacts to Salesforce

Sync Gmail contacts to Salesforce

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