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Effortlessly sync Outlook, Office 365 and MS Exchange calendar to Salesforce

Thrive offers a Salesforce Solution for Outlook, Office 365 and MS Exchange that increases sales by automating repetitive data entry tasks. Thrive also implements sales best practices and will automatically remind you of leads that need following up ensuring you never miss a deal again.

No matter if working in Outlook, Office 365 or MS Exchange, Thrive, is the perfect solution to sync your calendar to Salesforce.

Most other solutions work via a plug-in or bespoke interface whereas Thrive works completely in the cloud, meaning that it’s always working for you anytime and on any device. A virtual assistant that will take care of all the monotonous and repetitive work on your behalf.

Once per hour, it analyses your emails, meetings and contacts you communicate with to ensure all your data is in your CRM and you know exactly what needs to be done next.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how Thrive syncs your calendar to Salesforce.

How Thrive works

Every sales professional will have a number of meetings and appointments in their calendar, whether those are with potential customers, current customers or internal meetings each are important and need to be recorded and synced to your CRM.

In this scenario, you can see emails with customers highlighted as well as internal emails and time blocked out. 

Once these meetings are in your calendar, Thrive will automatically sync them to your CRM and match them to the relevant entry by analysing the data.

Sync emails to Salesforce
Sync emails to Salesforce

In Salesforce

Let’s now look at how these meetings are synced within your Salesforce account.

As you can see straight away, internal meetings and blocked out time do not show in Salesforce. Thrive will only sync meetings with customers to ensure data synced is relevant. 

Now, if you look within a meeting we can see all the data inputted earlier has been transferred to your CRM accurately. In addition to having related it to the correct client, meaning it will now appear in the activity history of the contact and in the account.

In Your Calendar

If you prefer to work from your Salesforce account, Thrive is also able to sync your Salesforce to your email calendar! In other words, Thrive is able to sync the other way round too.

By logging into Thrive, you can see exactly what is being synced or updated in a chronological order.

With Thrive you will never have to waste time on CRM data entry again. Your calendar and Salesforce will work together automatically so you never have to think about it again!

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