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Effortlessly sync Outlook, Office 365 and MS Exchange contacts to Salesforce

Thrive is a Salesforce Solution for Outlook, Office 365 and MS Exchange that increases sales by automating repetitive data entry tasks. Thrive also works to sales best practices and will automatically remind you of leads that need following up ensuring you never miss out on a sale again.

Thrive is the perfect solution when working with Outlook, Office 365 and MS Exchange and it is compatible with all versions of your solution.

Unlike others, Thrive works fully in the cloud so there is no need to install software, extensions nor plugins. Simply connect your email account and Salesforce account in set up and Thrive will start working autonomously and automatically for you.

Thrive updates once an hour, meaning that it will scan your conversations and sync them in bulk. At any time in the settings, you will be able to adjust which conversations are brought into Salesforce and which should be ignored.

Intrigued? Below is a step-by-step guide to what Thrive does and how it looks when using Outlook, Office or MS Exchange. 

How Thrive works

In every salesperson’s inbox, there are a number of different email conversations; there are conversations with customers, leads, suppliers and internal communication with colleagues.

In this particular scenario, the only conversations we would like to have recorded in Salesforce are the ones with customers.

Here you will also notice one of the great benefits of Thrive and that is that you don’t see it. No matter what device you’re using or which email provider you are with Thrive works for you in the cloud.

Sync emails to Salesforce

In Thrive

Now we’re logged into Thrive. This list shows you the most recent objects that have been synced from your email to Salesforce.

Only two out of the four conversations were synced into Salesforce, the communications with suppliers and newsletters were ignored by Thrive and subsequently not synced to Salesforce. 

Thrive checks your emails once every hour so don’t be alarmed if your most recent communication doesn’t show straight away. Rest assured that Thrive is working in the background and will take maximum one hour to bring the two systems up to speed again.

In Salesforce

Once you click “Open in Salesforce” below the object displayed in Thrive you will be redirected to your Salesforce account.

On this page, you’ll be able to see all the information that has automatically been created or updated by Thrive in your Salesforce account. On the right, you can also see the connected contacts which in this case is a lead.

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