Sync Email Attachments to Salesforce

Effortlessly sync Outlook, Office 365, Gmail and MS Exchange attachments to Salesforce

Thrive is a Salesforce solution compatible with Office 365, Outlook, MS Exchange and Gmail that increases your productivity by eliminating tedious data entry tasks. Thrive automatically syncs your email attachments to Salesforce to ensure you never lose track of any important documents.

Thrive is the best solution when looking to automatically sync your email attachments to Salesforce as it integrates seamlessly no matter which email solution you are using. To sync your email documents you don’t need to download any plug ins, extensions nor software; Thrive is a back-end solution meaning that it will work on all devices, all the time.

Syncing happens hourly and settings can be adjusted to only integrate only the attachments you need in Salesforce.

Thrive allows you to sync PDF, Office Documents and images to Salesforce.

How to Sync Email Attachments to Salesforce

Syncing is easy and will happen automatically in the background. Syncing your attachments from your emails to Salesforce only takes a few seconds:
1. Log into your Thrive account and click Salesforce
2. Turn on “Sync email attachments”
3. Enjoy!

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