The Quickest Solution to Sync Emails to Salesforce

The most searched topic when it comes to emails and salesforce integration is how to do it. There are hundreds of ways to go about it, most of which are plugins or front-end solutions.

These solutions are great, but we took it one step further and focused on the intentions behind the search term “How to integrate Salesforce and Email”.

We believe that people are looking for a way to sync all their data without needing to worry about ANY admin tasks and that is exactly what we built.

Syncing Emails to Salesforce
Thrive, unlike others, is a complete back-end solution. This means Thrive works in the background without ever needing to download plugins, extensions or even software.

Thrive is powered by machine learning that uses your actions in your mailbox to determine how to sync your conversations to Salesforce. Allowing it to only sync emails with customers and exclude those with colleagues or suppliers.


How does it work?

This video show’s you exactly how Thrive syncs your data:

Thrive offers a free trial so you can experience the full power of your new invisible assistant for free. Joining takes just a few minutes, all you need to do is; connect your Salesforce with one click and then connect your email with another click.

This video shows how a Thrive account can start syncing your data in less than 1 minute:

Can I sync more than just emails to Salesforce?

Absolutely! Thrive can sync:

  • Contacts – contacts are vital to business people, so we ensure that new contacts are correctly added and updated in Salesforce.
  • Calendar – adding a meeting or a call in your calendar is already pretty tedious but many of us find ourselves doing it twice; once in Salesforce and once in our calendar. Thrive will automatically update your calendar from your email solution to Salesforce or vice versa.
  • Attachments – our newest features automatically syncs your email attachments (PDFs, Office Docs etc.) to Salesforce; scrolling through pages of conversations to find documents is now a thing of the past. All your proposals, contracts and agreements will be catalogued in your Salesforce account automatically.


Thrive in the AppExchange

Thrive is available in the Salesforce AppExchange and is one of the highest rated apps for email sync as well as being the only back-end solution.

Customers that come from the AppExchange benefit from a swifter joining process as the account details from Salesforce populate the sign up process and reap first benefits.

Thrive today!

Try Thrive for free for 14-days.

No credit card required.

  • Increase your sales by 15%
  • Keep your CRM up-to-date
  • Never let a deal fall through the cracks again



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