Top Advice For New Sales People

Top Advice For All New Sales People

Starting a new job can be nerve-racking, especially if that new job involves sales. Sales jobs present unique challenges that you may not find in other roles. Salespeople are expected to learn on the job, although the longer you take learning all the ins and outs of sales means that it will take longer for your commission to start rolling in. If you are new to sales, here are some top tips to get you started and catapult you into the industry.

Track your metrics

The only way to understand how good you’re doing is to keep track of what it is that you are doing, and then compare it to the end results. At the absolute least, you should track how many cold calls you make, how many appointments you set, and how many sales you make. By doing this, alongside using tools like Salesforce for outlook, you will be able to run your sales operation smoothly and see everything that works effectively. That much information will let you manage your metrics at a basic level. The more carefully you keep track of your own activities, the easier it will be for you to pinpoint your areas of weakness so that you can quickly improve them.

Slow down your sales process

This can be one of the hardest things for salespeople to learn. When you first start selling, you are obviously eager to be successful and try to wow prospects with great product knowledge. The biggest mistake a new person can make is to try and constantly close often and early. The more you try to rush things, the more resistant to moving forward prospects become. They will start throwing out obstacles and objections that you aren’t able to overcome. When you learn to slow down and parcel information out over multiple meetings, and simply advance the sales process one step at a time, you will s tart to see your sales increase.

When you’re scared about not getting the business, your prospects can intuitively sense your fear. One of the major symptoms is rushing the sales process.

Learn how to handle rejection

As a salesperson, you will become familiar with rejection on a daily basis. It is simply part of your job, not even the best salesperson in the world is able to confirm a deal with every prospect they talk to, it is simply impossible. Over time, every salesperson learns to toughen up and forget about those moments, but not all salespeople develop a healthy coping mechanism. Successful salespeople normally develop mind games that work for them, such as considering every no as being a step closer to a yes. Find a coping strategy that works for you.

Know when it is time for action

Once you know that you have all of the required information to present a proposal to the client, do it as soon as you can.

Do not succumb to fear or invent stall strategies to evade popping the purchase question to the client. It will be hard the first few times you have to do it and will remain hard for deals that represent the difference between meeting quota and falling behind. But push through it. Recognise when it’s time to close and go for it.

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